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Robotic Base Kit

Robotic Platform Base

robot base view 1

Robot base uses standard size servo motor.

Servo motor base can rotate platform in CW and CCW direction. Degrees of rotation is to the extend of the servo motor used.

Platform can support 50 lbs or more. Precision bearing supports and keeps weight off the servo motor bearing.

SMB-01 Kit $ 64.95
(Without servo motor)

SMB-02 Kit $ 77.95
(With HS-422 servo motor)

SMB-02A Assembled $ 96.95
(With HS-422 servo motor)

Choose Model:

Compatible with the following HiTec servo motors:
HS-311, HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425BB, HS-475, HS-525BB, HS-525MG, HS-545BB, HS-625MG, HS-635HB, HS-645MG, HS-925MG, HS-945MG, HS-5475HB, HS,5625, HS-5925MG, HS-5945MG, HS-5955TG, HSR-5995TG, HSC-5996TG, HSC-5997TG, HSC-5998TG, HS-6635HB, HS-6965HB, HS-6975HB, HS-6985HB

Compatible with the following Futaba servo motors:
S-148, S-3001, S-3003, S-3004, S-3005, S-3010, S-9001, S-9202, S-9206, S-9402, S-9405

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