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Electrocardiogram (ECG) Heart Monitor

Enjoy learning about the inner workings of the heart while at the same time covering the stage-by-stage electronic circuit theory used in the kit to monitor it. The three probe wire pick-ups allow for easy application and experimentation. The documentation covers circuit descriptions and heart function. Multiple beat indicators include a bright front panel LED that flashes with the actions of the heart, an adjustable level audio speaker output and a monitor output to view the traditional style ECG/EKG waveforms on an oscilloscope. Uses 9V battery (not included) This is NOT a medical device, it is intended for hobbyist usage only.



ECG1 - $44.95
Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor Kit with Case

ECG1WT - $89.95
Factory Assembled & Tested ECG1

ECGP10 - $7.95
Set Of 10 Replacement Reusable Probe Patches

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