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Buying A Geiger Counter - Page 11

A Quick Recap

Let's review the options covered in this paper.
  • Determine your interest and application.
  • What radiation do you need to detect.
  • Geiger Counter Accuracy. Can it be NRC Certified?
  • Digital or Analog - Imperial/Metric or Both
  • Range
  • Data Logging and Radiation Charting Software
  • Ease of Use
  • Working within your budget
  • Warranty


I could not obtain permission from other manufacturers to list their Geiger Counters in this Buyer's Guide. While manufacturers have no problem with listing the positive aspects of their products, they are concerned with the specific not-so-positive aspects. So I was limited in what products I could show and list. Since I work for Images SI Inc. I have full access and permission to use their products and pictures. The information provided here are general guidelines for purchasing a Geiger counter, and are applicable to all Geiger counters.
Tell me what you think. Good, Bad or Ugly. This document will be updated and expanded. If there is something you want to know about that is missing tell me. I will do my best to add relevant material that you want to read. Send all comments to:

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