New Improved Design will be available Spring 2019

Nuts and Volts Design EggBot Design Nuts and Volts Design EggBot Design Nuts and Volts Design
See The Sphere-Bot™ in action Download Scripts for the Sphere-Bot™
Writing "EggBot" in plain letters Write "EggBot"
Writing "EggBot" in bubble letters Write "Nuts + Volts"
Writing "Nuts + Volts" in bubble letters Draw Space Egg
Drawing Vertical Lines  
Drawing Space Egg 1" Right-click and choose "Save As" to
Drawing Space Egg 2 download scripts

User Submissions
Users can also create and submit their own scripts using the following template. Making them available for download on this page.
Please submit your script files to       imagesco at verizon dot net

Sphere-Bot™ Components 

Sphere-Bot™ Article (orginally published as Eggbot) - How to build a Sphere-Bot™

To control the Sphere-Bot™ you will need an USB SMC-04 (included with Kit 2)

Egg-01-1 - $89.95
Sphere-Bot™ (Kit 1)
Basic Components with No Servomotor Controller
Egg-01-2 - $149.95
Sphere-Bot™ (Kit 2)
Basic Components with SMC-04 Kit(Requires Soldering)

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