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Piezoelectric Film FAQ (PDF)

Piezo-Electric Switch Information


Force Graphs The PZ-05 is an ideal alternative for impact/vibration detection and momentary switch applications. A direct contact force on the stainless steel cantilever beam of the PZ-05 induces strain on the laminated Piezo Film Sensor (PFS) element. With this strain, and only while undergoing strain, the PFS element generates an output that activates a built-in, normally-open circuit. Once activated, the circuit resembles the closure of a contact switch, but without the inherent discontinuity that contact points exhibit because of corrosion, pitting and bouncing. Thus the PZ-05 provides a single digital pulse that is ideal for triggering digital circuits and signal processing. The imperviousness, elasticity and reliability of the PFS element, along with the noise rejection characteristics of the circuit, combine to provide the PZ-05 with features that suit applications demanding consistent, reliable performance throughout tens of millions of cycles.


  • Digital output
  • No adjustments required during installation
  • Impervious to moisture, dust and smoke
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Long lifetime, greater than10 million cycles
  • Low profile
  • PCB and beam customization to fit application


  • Games and toys for impact detection and counting
  • Counter of units in assembly line processes
  • Counter and switch for automated processes
  • Impact detection and counter for machine dispensed products
  • Panel switch
  • Foot pedal switch
  • Door closure switch
  • Toothed Gear Counter
Peizo Circuit
Performance Characteristics Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Force Input/Beam Tip Deflection 10/0.03 20/0.06 30/0.09 Gram/Inch
Frequency of Force Input 5 - 60 Hz
Voltage Input +5.0 - +50 Volts
Switch Current +0.5 - +70 mA
On Resistance - 7.5 13.5 Ohms
Life - - >>10MM Cycles
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature 15 - 60 °C
Operating Humidity - - 90% non-cond. -
Storage Temperature -40 - 60 °C


Typical Interface
Example: 5V / 5mA = 1000 Ohms (1K, 1/4 W)


The PZ-05 switch is currently available in two different triggering modes: (PZ-05) Forward (impact) stroke and (PZ-05-R) Return stroke. In the Forward or impact stroke the switch triggers when the force is initially applied to the beam. This makes the signal dependent on the duration of the force. In the return mode, the switch triggers when the beam is returning to its original position after the force has been applied and removed. Since the beam will always return to its original position at a relatively constant rate, the signal provided by the switch is a very consistent duration even for varying duration initial forces.

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