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Piezoelectric Film Sensors

Piezoelectric Film Technical Manual (PDF)

Piezoelectric Film FAQ (PDF)

Piezoelectric Film: PZ-01/-02/-03

Piezo Switches

The piezo film element produces more than 10 millivolts per microstrain, about 60 dB higher than the voltage output of a foil strain gage. The capacitance is proportional to the area and inversely proportional to the thickness of the element.

Theses sensors are the simplest form of piezo film sensors, used primarily as dynamic strain gauges and contact microphones for vibration or impact detection. They can be readily adhered to a surface with double-sided tape or epoxy.

The PZ-01 comes without any leads for those applications where the application suits a custom lead attachment. Lead attachment can be achieved by compressive clamping, crimps, eyelets, conductive epoxy or low temperature solders. The PZ-02 and PZ-03 have wires attached to the film with rivets.

The elements are supplied with a thin urethane coating over the active sensor area; the lead attachment legs are free of the insulating urethane coating.

The capacitance is proportional to the area and inversely proportional to the thickness of the element.

PZ-01 - $3.15
Piezoelectric Film 13mm X 24mm X .2mm
(.51" X .95" X .008")
PZ-02 - $11.75
Piezoelectric Film 6mm X 41mm X .2mm
(.63" X 1.6" X .008")
PZ-03 - $13.80
Piezoelectric Film 16mm X 73mm X .2mm
(.63" X 2.9" X .008")

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Piezoelectric Switches


Piezo electric switches have many applications (pinball machines, acceleration detectors, vibration sensors, etc). Therefore standard piezo-electric momentary pulse switches are manufactured and available. These switches provide clean pulses. By tapping on the end cantilever of the PZ-05, a digital pulse is generated. The PZ-05-R has the reverse effect -- a pulse is generated by a pulling force. These swiches may be incorporated into impact sensors, counting circuits and bidirectional encoding applications.

PZ-05 and PZ-05-R Piezo-Switch Features:

  • Greater than 10 million switch cycles
  • Impervious to moisture, dust and smoke
  • Digital Output
  • Low Profile
  • Maintenance Free

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PZ-05 - $25.45
Piezoelectric Switch
PZ-05R - $25.45
Piezoelectric Switch - Reverse action

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Piezoelectric Film


The PZ-08/09 is a low-cost cantilever-type vibration sensor loaded by a mass to offer high sensitivity at low frequencies. Pins are designed for easy installation and are solderable. Horizontal and vertical mounting options are offered. The active sensor area is shielded for improved RFI/EMI rejection. Rugged, flexible PVDF sensing element withstands high shock overload. Sensor has excellent linearity and dynamic range, and may be used for detecting either continuous vibration or impacts.



  • High voltage sensitivity (1 V/g)
  • Up to 40 Hz (2,400 rpm) operation below resonance
  • Over 5 V/g at resonance
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Shielded construction
  • Solderable pins, PCB mounting
  • Low cost
  • 1% Linearity


Typical Properties (at 25 °C)

Parameter Value Units
Voltage Sensitivity (open-circuit, baseline) 1.1 V/g
Charge Sensitivity (baseline) 260 pC/g
Resonance Frequency 75 Hz
Voltage Sensitivity (open-circuit, at resonance) 6 V/g
Upper Limiting Frequency (+3 dB) 42 Hz
Linearity +/-1 %
Capacitance 244 pF
Dissipation Factor 0.018 (none)
Inertial Mass 0.3 gram

Environmental Specifications
Storage Temperature-40 to +80 deg C Operating Temperature -20 to +60 deg C WeightMinisense 100V: 0.5 gram
Minisense 100V: 0.6 gram

PZ-08 - $5.25
Piezo Film: 6mm X 12.8mm X .2mm
(.236" X .504" X .008")
(horizontal PC mount)
PZ-09 - $5.25
Piezo Film: 6mm X 12.8mm X .2mm
(.236" X .504" X .008")
(vertical PC mount)

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