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Gearbox with Motor

Great for Robotics Projects! Provides 6 different ratios and 18 speeds. Rugged compact design and construction. Ideal for models, CDT and R&D projects. Operates from 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 VDC sources. Extensive range of available accessories. Shaft Size: 3 mm.

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917D - $21.50

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Gearbox Accessories

These accessories for the gearbox motor will let you drive just about anything with extra gears of various sizes, worm drives, rack & pinion, crown gears and chain drives.

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100:1 Miniature Gearbox

1" diameter motor with 100:1 precision metal gearbox gives about 80 RPM with 3 volts and huge torque of about 180 inch/oz. Weight of the entire unit is about 1-1/2 oz. Length overall is 2-1/4", output shaft is 2mm. No part of the gearbox extends outside the diameter of the motor.

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918D - $28.50
100:1 Gearbox With Motor

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Stepper Motors

We carry a variety of stepper motors (5 & 12V available), as well as the Stepper Motor Controller Kit, which allows you to control stepper motors from a Windows PC.

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ST-02 - $10.00

ST-03 - $10.00

ST-04 - $10.00

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USB Stepper Motor Controller Kit

USB Stepper

This kit allows one to control a uni-polar stepper motor from Windows (comes with 12 volt Stepper Motor). The exclusive Windows interface is designed to teach fundamental stepper motor control. Automatic & manual control of the stepper motor is available through the Windows interface. Windows controls available are speed, direction full step, half step, and manual step. The controller is capable of operating motors from 5 Volts to 24 volts.


ST-USB-CTRL - $69.95
Windows USB Stepper Motor Controller Kit

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Servo Motors

We carry a wide range of servo motors from the "feather" HS-50 to the powerful HSR-5995TG Digital Titanium Robot Servo. For information on how to use these motors, see our article: Using Servomotors with the PIC Microcontroller. We also carry a Servo Motor Controller boards for controlling servos either manually (via toggle switches) or PC windows (98/XP).

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Continuous Rotation Servo Motor

Continuous rotation servos are ideal for robotic projects that need a geared wheel drive or other project that require a 360 degree rotation geared motor.

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SMC-04 ServoMotor Controller

SMC-04 V2

Manual Control: Each servo motor is controlled using a potentiometer on the servo motor board. Each Potentiometer position controls the position of the shaft on ther servomotor.

PC Control: Windows XP and Vista programs, (price includes CD Rom programs) see screen image, use the USB port to communicate to the servo motor board. Each program incorporates an adjustable servo motor speed control. Each servo motor is controlled by an individual slider. In the script writing mode every servo motor movement is automatically recorded and written into the onscreen script area. The onscreen script may be saved, loaded, played, and looped. Updated Windows PC programs are always available for download here.

The USB SMC-04 is shown to the left. Click on picture to see an enlarged version.

Images Company's SMC-04-v2K and SMC-04-v2A Servomotor Controllers allow Manual & PC control of four hobby servo motors (Hitec/Futaba). Servomotors may be controlled manually, via on-board potentiometers, or by a Windows program through a USB port on a Windows XP or Vista PC.
Universal three position headers make it easy to connect servo motors--just plug them into the board.

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SMC-04-v2K - $95.31
SMC-04-v2A - $134.85

ACA-6VDC - $19.95
AC Adapter
ACA-5DC-10A - $49.95
Servomotor Controller Switching Power Supply

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Hobby Motor

Operates on 1.5 to 3 VDC. No load speed: 2,500 RPM at 1.5 V, 60 mA; 5,000 RPM at 3.0 V, 70 mA. Shaft size: 1/16 dia. x 3/8" long.

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MH-01 - $1.25

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