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Digital and Analog Compasses

1490 Digital Compass

The 1490 Digital Compass is a solid state device capable of detecting the earth's weak magnetic field. It can distinguish between the four cardinal points and also the intermediate directions (NE, NW, SE, SW). The sensor is dampened to approximate the speed of a liquid filled compass. It takes 2.5 seconds for it to respond to a 90 degree displacement. The device is sensitive to tilt, and any tilt greater than 12 degrees will create directional errors.

Our Navigation pcb allows you to build three different digital compasses using the 1490 digital compass.


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1525 Analog Compass

The 1525 Analog Compass measures the direction of the horizontal component  of the earths field.  For practical purposes up to a 12 degree tilt, as with any compass is acceptable.  The output closely resembles a sine-cosine set of curves which cross at approximately 2.5 volts and peak at around 2.88 volts and floor at 2.12 volts.  Each output will drive up to 4 mA.

This sensor is also dampened so that if the reading is displaced 90 degrees, it will return to proper indication in 2.5 to 3.5 seconds with no over swing.

The input should be polarity protected, as reversing Vcc and Ground will destroy the sensor.

1525 Datasheet.


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