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Piezo-Film Properties

PVDF is also pyroelectric, meaning that it produces an electrical charge in response to a change in temperature. The material is sensitive to infrared energy between 7-20 um. This response makes it an excellent sensor for infrared (heat) detection of the human body. Film sensors are commonly employed in motion sensors, where with the use of a fresnel lens, can detect a human body at fifty feet.

Experimenting with this piezoelectric material is fun. We will make a microphone, acoustical instrument pick-up, CMOS switch, speakers, and look at its use as vibration sensors and piezo-actuator. Before we build any of these demonstration sensors let's look a little closerat some of its properties.

Piezo film has an extremely high output voltage, about 10 times greater than ceramic materials. Since the material is a thin light weight flexible film it can be glued onto shaped designs (One ca use a variety of commercial glues). The material has a high mechanical strength and is impact resistant.

Other attributes include:

  • Wide Frequency Range (.001 Hz - 10^9 Hz)
  • Low acoustical impedance (close to water and human tissue, efficient for sonar and imaging)
  • High dielectric strength
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Moisture resistant, inert to many chemicals

One disadvantage to piezo film is that it is a weak electromechanical transmitter when compared to piezo electric ceramics.

Figure 6

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