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Windows Geiger Counter Radiation Monitor Program

Figure 6 is a screen image of the Windows Geiger counter radiation program. This program is free and is available for download at the bottom of the page here.

Figure 6
Figure 6. Screen Image of PC Radiation Monitor Windows Program.

You may download the NEWEST version of the software here. The program is fully functional for WIN7 and WIN 10.

The program gathers information it receives on one of its COM ports and displays the information on the PC screen. The information graphed is the Counts Per Second (CPS) from the geiger counter. The CPS scale is shown on the left side and equivalent radiation level in mR/hr is shown on the right side. The program automatically scales depending upon the CPS read. The graph continuously scrolls to the right with updated information. The graphs created with this program may be saved in disk and loaded for review later.

The amount of data that may be saved is limited by the memory in your system, or space available on your hard drive. But it is safe to say you could continue to graph for weeks.

To purchase the USB TTL Serial Cable click here.

Figure 7
Figure 7. Schematic of PC Interface.

Circuit prototype is shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8
Figure 8. Picture of proto-typed PC Interface.

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