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DIY Geiger Counter - Page 10

PIC Program

The following PIC program was written using the PICBasic Pro Compiler. For any user not capable of writing and/or programming a microcontroller a pre-programmed 16F84-20 MHz chip is available, see parts list.

'REM John Iovine 11/04
'Read Digital Output and send serial info to PC
'Use 16F84-20MHZ microcontroller and 16 MHz Xtal
DEFINE OSC 16        'Use 16 MHZ Xtal
'Declare word variables

Start:        ‘Main Program

Count PORTB.0, 1000, w1        'Count pulses every second
SerOut 1,6, [w1.byte0, w1.byte1]        'Send Information to PC
GoTo Start        'Do it again


Windows Program Operation

Unzip the program file you have download from our website into its own directory. Run the Setup.exe program to install the software onto your computer. Once installed, run the geiger counter program.

Connect the PC interface to one of the PC’s serial (COM) ports. Select the COM Port the interface is connected in the Windows program. The program will only list the COM ports it finds on your computer. Typically PC’s have more than one COM port.

Connect the digital out of the PC to the interface and turn the Geiger counter on. If you have any radioactive material bring it close to the GM tube.

Hit the “Start” button on the program to begin plotting.

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