Centauri III by George L Griggs

Centauri III

When a meteor strike wipes out their new-born research station on the recently discovered planet of Centauri III, Dr. Jefferson Trask is left with little more than five critically injured survivors, no supplies, and a long six-month wait for the return of Pegasus, the mother ship. Centauri III is a wild and primitive world that challenges Trask's ability to survive at every step, and threatens to take his friends from him with each labored breath they draw.

The native food, the water, and the very air he breathes, combine to change him, and by the time Pegasus does return, Jefferson Trask has mutated into an entirely different being. He is a new creature, not human, not alien; totally different. And that difference will deal him the cruelest betrayal of all.

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Centauri III by George L. Griggs