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Servomotor Gripper

Servo Gripper


Gripper Assembly mates easily with two servos, one to open and close the fingers, and a second servo which acts as the gripper's "wrist". Perfect for making your own robotic arm. The gripper can accommodate objects up to about .9" (23 mm). Compatible with many Futaba and HiTec servo motors, like HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425, and more.

For use with HiTec HS-322 servos.

Item #SG-01 Servo Gripper $17.95

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Custom Servo Motor Gripper Effector

gripper effector attachment Gripper Effector Configuration 1

These effectors attach to the Servomotor Gripper allowing the gripper to grab and hold custom objects. They can be attached in one of two configurations show below - either inside the grips or outside. The end effector shownin the photographs and available for purchase below, allows gripping of objects from 4" to 5" inches (inside mount).

Images Company will also make custom effectors for your specific application applications. End effectors are make from 1/8" x 1/2" aluminum bar stock. Two holes are drilled on one end of the effector to attach the effector to the gripper using supplied screws. To order a custom effector your drawing or sketch to imagesco@verizon.net.

Gripper Effector Configuration 1 Gripper Effector Configuration 2

Item # SGE-01 $10.00
Servo Gripper Effector

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