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HS-65MG Servo Motor

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HS-65MG Mighty Feather


Hitec announces a new Micro class servo, the HS-65MG with strong, shock resistant metal gears. The HS-65MG are one of Hitec's most powerful servos in the micro class, with over 26oz/in of power at 6 volts. Created for higher performance micro helicopters, electric park flyers, & 1/18 scale cars, this servo feature a top ball-bearing for long life and positive centering.


 Control System: +Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
 Operating Voltage Range: 4.8V to 6.0V
 Operating Temperature Range: -20C to +60C(-68F to +140F)
 Test Voltage: At 4.8V At 6.0V
 Operating Speed: 0.14sec/60 at no load 0.11 sec/60 at no load
 Stall Torque: 1.6kg cm(22.21oz.in) 1.9kg.cm(26.38oz.in)
 Standing Torque: 1.3kg.cm(18.05oz.in)1.5kg.com(20.83oz.in)/5HOLDOUT
 Idle Current: 7.4mA/60 at no load 220 mA/60 at no load
 Stall Current: 950mA 1200 mA
 Dead Band Width: 5usec	5usec
 Operating Travel: 40/One side pulse traveling 400usec
 Motor Type: Cored metal brush/Nd Magent
 Potentiometer Type: 2 Slider/Direct drive
 Amplifier Type: Analog S.M.T.
 Dimensions: 23.6x11.4x24mm(0.92x0.45x0.94in)
 Weight: 11.2g(0.39oz)
 Ball Bearing: Single/MR85
 Gear Material: Heavy Duty Resin
 Horn Gear Spline: 25 Segments/5
 Splined Horns: MICRO23:M23-I,M23-X
 Connector Wire Length: 250 EA
 Connector Wire Strand Counter: 20 EA
 Connector Wire Gauge: 28AWG

Operating Speed: 4.8/6.0v : 0.14 / 0.11 sec.
Output Torque: 25 / 31 oz 1.6 / 1.9 kg.
Size: 0.92" x 0.45"x 0.94" (23.6 x 11.6 x 24mm)
Weight:  39oz. 11.2g.

HS-65MG - $35.99
Mighty Feather

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