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Examining Psychokinesis

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The ParaPsycho Lamp contains a laboratory quality random number generator device that provides a fun way to experiment in parapsychology to test for psychokinesis (PK), precognitive and telepathy.

ESP Lamp Geiger Counter Circuit

Geiger Counter Circuit

The ParaPsycho Lamp-02 uses an internal minature geiger counter that detects nomal background radiation to generate random numbers. It uses the immutable randomness of radioactivity decay to generate random numbers. Quantum mechanics states that the nuclear decay of atoms, are fundamentally random and cannot be predicted. The detection of a radioactive particle being a random event is used to initiate the generation of a random number. This is a higher quality RNG than in the diode chaos lamps.

ParaPsycho Lamp Applications:

Precognition: Predict the color of the LED that will light next and track the results.
Psychokinesis (PK): Use your mind to influence and color output from the ESP lamp.
Telepathy: Two people in separate rooms, one is a sender the other a receiver. The sender observes the ESP lamp, and tries to transmit the color changes when they occur, to the receiver.
Fortune Telling: Use the random color generated to indicate answers to questions.
Mood Lamp: The changing LED color output of the ESP lamp is unpredictable both in time and color. You can look at it as a sophisticated mood lamp


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PK/PSI Lamp technology and history

PK/PSI Lamp Geiger Counter Circuit - $195.87

Global Consciousness Project

Global Consciousness Project

    Visit the Global Consciousness project by clicking on dot. The Global Consciousness project tabulates the     randomness of Random Number Generators (RNG) positioned around the world. The belief is that global events     that effect the consciousness of enough people globally will effect the output of the RNG's making them less     random.

Dean Radin on Global Consciousness Project

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