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Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)

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Nitinol Memory Wire

This nitinol memory wire remebers shapes. The nitinol metal changes phase around 50oC. Bend it, then drop it into hot water and watch it return to its original shape! Can be trained to remember new shapes. Twist wire into a different shape then by heating the wire red hot with a candle flame it will remember the new shape. See PDF file for more information. Diameter: 0.75mm(approximately .03")

For more information on Nitinol material click here or Download this PDF file

Nitinol Wire is priced per foot

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10 feet or more @ $4.75 per foot.
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Nitinol Memory Wire 3" Sections

These 3" samples of memory wire can be wound around a pencil to form a coil. When immersed in hot water, the wire returns to its original shape. The wires can be "set" into other shapes, using a candle flame. These wires have a smaller diameter than our memory wire by the foot.

For more information on Nitinol material click here or Download this PDF file

Nitinol Wire Samples are priced per 3" piece

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Memory Wire

Live Wire

Fun and educational! You can bend it while cold, then heat it in hot water, and it will straighten quite forcefully. You can modify the remembered shape by annealing the wire. For more information Click Here.

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NMW-3 - $12.50

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"HOT" Wire

Hot Wire This custom shaped "HOT" wire is a simple way of demonstrating the properties of Nitinol. When the wire is cool, it can be bent into any shape. Drop it into warm water (above 105F/40 degrees Celsius) and it springs back to its original remembered shape, spelling the word 'hot'. Allow the wire to cool and the experiment can be repeated.

Measures approximately 4"x2", 24" total wire length

Niti-Hot $40.00
Hot Wire

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