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Hexapod Walker Kit

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Black legs

Hexapod walker robot kit. Plastic base & legs, (3) servomotors (42 oz), two switch sensors & whiskers, pc board, microcontroller, electronics, mounting hardware, booklet. The hexapod walker is available in two leg colors; transparent legs (shown) and black legs, the PIC-WALK-01T and PIC-WALK-01B respectively.

Hexapod Walker Features:

Simple three servomotor construction.
Standard alternating tripod gait (walking).
Robot can walk forward and backward, turn left and right.

Obstacle Avoidance: front mounted sensors help hexapod avoid and move around obstacles.
Power 9-Volt battery

Construction Manual (.PDF File)
Source Code for PICBasic Pro Compiler

Hexapod Walker Kits

Item #PIC-WALK-01T $194.95 (Kit; Requires Assembly)
Item #PIC-WALK-01B $194.95 (Kit; Requires Assembly)

Assembed and Tested Hexapod Walkers:

Item #PIC-WALK-01TA $294.95 (Assembled and Tested)
Item #PIC-WALK-01BA $294.95 (Assembled and Tested)

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