About Images SI Inc.

Images was founded in 1982 supplying components to the science hobbyist market. One of our first kits was a miniature tabletop MHD electric generator. We expanded our product line and quickly began manufacturing Geiger Counters and other electronic equipment. Our purpose is to supply the hobbyist market with professional lab quality equipment to perform serious scientific experiments and investigations at hobbyist prices.

In the case of Geiger Counters we surpassed professional industry standards by creating the first affordable Digital Geiger Counters capable of being U.S. Government lab NRC certified to their accuracy.

As a true science company we do not avoid controversial subjects like Kirlian Photography, PSI and Psychokineses. Our work with Kirlian photography never yielded any metaphysical results, but didn't stop us from investigating. Because of our investigation we succeeded in developing the best Kirlian Photography equipment around. We are continuing in this manner with our new line of Random Number Generators and PSI testing Second Sight Lights. We are also expanding into the field of biofeedback.

At Images SI, we are dedicated to providing a great product, with fantastic customer service at an affordable price. We hope to create innovative products that make a difference in people's lives.