Kirlian Photography Books

Digital Kirlian Photography: A Hands On Guide

This book will be written and sold in 4-parts.

The DIY Guide for shooting Kirlian photographs with digital equipment.

Kirlian Photography BookThe book will guide readers to shoot Kirlian photographs using digital cameras. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you will find the instructional information to shoot brilliant Kirlian photographs.

The book will include step-by-step instructions for building a variety of DIY Kirlian photography devices and accessories.

The Kirlian devices also have the ability to shoot real time Kirlian video.

The book provides the history of electro photography and it historical account of its potential applications in medicine, industry, and the military.

KPB1 - $2.99
Kirlian Photography eBook Part 1 of 4

Ships October 2013

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