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Morphology 101

Morphology 101 is a multimedia CD-ROM package that is comprised of a number of useful programs, see figure 1. The minimum system requirements for this package are a 386SX 16 MHZ computer, VGA monitor, Windows 3.1 and a CD-ROM drive.

Morphology 101

Figure 1

Installation is a snap. Place the CD-ROM in your drive, from the program manager run setup.exe from the CD. The installation program creates two program groups to run the various programs packaged on the CD.

The CD-ROM has an interactive manual titled "How the Pro's Morph". The information in this manual is basic, but it explores the numerous features of PhotoMorph Lite. The 34 page manual is full of morphing animations, that can be started with a double mouse click. The animations illustrate different special effects that can be achieved using Photomorph. The text surrounding the morphing pictures explain how that particular effect created.

Photomorph Lite is a stripped down version of PhotoMorph 2, also reviewed in this article. Even so, Photomorph Lite is a powerful morphing package. The morphing points placed in the starting picture are points. This is a more intuitive interface providing a greater control over the resulting morph animation.


The program creates a standard Windows .AVI "animation" file. The fidelity of the resulting .AVI files is good. So good in fact that one may use "Video for Windows" (VFW) "Video Edit" to add a sound track to the .AVI file. This may appear to the reader as, well should you always be able to do that. Well yes in theory, but my experience in working with these files is that some programs, while creating a viewable .AVI file, have a corrupt sound track. Once a file has a corrupt sound track it is next to impossible to correct it easily.

Photomorph Lite, and I keep writing the "Lite" so that the review on this program isn't confused with its more powerful relation Photomorph 2, has an animation viewer incorporated into it making it easy to view the resulting .AVI files. Another great feature of this program is its ability to seamlessly add animations together. For instance, suppose you morphed a women into a man, then you wanted to morph that man into another person, well Photomorph Lite allows you to do that.

The CD-ROM also has an animation gallery. The gallery has 74 morphing animations you may view. The animations used in the interactive tutorial "How the Pro's Morph" are pulled from this gallery.

The Image gallery on the CD-ROM contains approximately 300 still photographs of animals, food, objects, people, plants, scenery, structures, etc. The photographs may be used royalty free.

Matinee is a second program included on the CD-ROM. The program is billed as an .AVI screen saver. The stripped down program only allows you to play a few video files. An order form is included for users to purchase the complete program.

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