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SMC-08 Servo Motor Motion Controller

Computer servomotor controller for:
                                    Robotics, Animatronics and Motion Control

8-Servo Motor Controller Windows PC Control (Serial Port & USB Adapter Available)

Images Company's SMC-08 and SMC-08A Servomotor Controllers allow the PC control of eight hobby servomotors (Hitec/Futaba).

Servomotors are controlled by a Windows program through a serial communication port (RS232) on a Windows 98/XP PC. Universal three position headers make it easy to connect servomotors--just plug them into the board.

Windows PC Control: Windows 98 and Windows XP programs, (price includes CD Rom programs) see screen image, use the PC serial port to communicate to the servomotor board. Each program incorporates an adjustable servomotor speed control. Each servomotor is controlled by an individual slider. In the script writing mode every servomotor movement is automatically recorded and written into the onscreen script area. The onscreen script may be saved, loaded, played, and looped. Updated Windows PC programs are always available for download at the Images co web site:

USB Port Compatible using USB to Serial Adapter
The standard RS-232 port on the servomotor board may be connected to a USB port using a serial USB to Serial port adapter, see below. This allows normal program operation and functions through USB port.


Servomotor Ballet Video Hi Res (2.26 MB)
Servomotor Ballet Video Low Res (716 KB)

Interactive Software Tutorials >>>

Power can be supplied by either a 9 volt battery or an AC adaptor. The on-board rectifier, voltage regulator, filter capacitors, and plug adaptor makes it easy usea wide range of AC adaptor for power (7-12 VDC or 7-12 VAC).

Available in kit form (SMC-08) or pre-assembled and tested (SMC-08A). Compatible with most servos, including:

the following HiTec servo motors:
HS-311, HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425BB, HS-475, HS-525BB, HS-525MG, HS-545BB, HS-625MG, HS-635HB, HS-645MG, HS-925MG, HS-945MG, HS-5475HB, HS,5625, HS-5925MG, HS-5945MG, HS-5955TG, HSR-5995TG, HSC-5996TG, HSC-5997TG, HSC-5998TG, HS-6635HB, HS-6965HB, HS-6975HB, HS-6985HB

and the following Futaba servo motors:
S-148, S-3001, S-3003, S-3004, S-3005, S-3010, S-9001, S-9202, S-9206, S-9402, S-9405 (click here for servo motors).

Download 8-servo controller program for Windows 98 (2.4 MB)
Download8-servo controller program for Windows XP (2.4 MB)
for non-commercial use only*

* Commercial Applications must be licensed


Servomotor Power Supply Servobotics general purpose power supply for use with Images' Servomotor Controllers SMC-04, SMC-05, SMC-08 and the RA-02. 10 Amps Output.

  • 5V up to 10A output
  • 110V-220V input
  • Comes with 2-prong US/Canada/Japan - for other countries use a basic plug adapter. 112cm (44in) long cable
  • 2,1mm output plug. 110cm (42in) long cable
  • Body size is 14cm x 6cm x 3.3cm (5.5" x 2.4" x 1.3")
  • Weight: 420g / 0.925 lb


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