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SMC-01v2 Manual Servomotor Controllers

Manual servomotor controller for:
Robotics, Animatronics and Motion Control

Images Scientific Instruments Inc. SMC-01V2 Servo Motor Controller allows manual control of one hobby servo motor [Not Included].

SMC-01 V2 Servomotor Controller
  • Cover sold separately
  • Power supply sold separately
  • Does not include servomotors

The new SMC-01V2 provides smoother servomotor response. The SMC-01v2 is a manual controller for a single servomotor by way of an on-board potentiometer. The heart of the SMC-01V2 is a PIC microcontroller. The lighted potentiometer connects to the microcontroller and proportionally controls the servomotor's rotation. The servo motor shaft will respond as fast and as far as you turn rotate the potentiometer knob. A universal three pin header makes it easy to connect servo motors--just plug them into the board. The top plate is a translucent green plastic. The circuit may be powered by a 9 volt battery or external 5V power supply. Cover sold separately.

This unit can be purchased as a kit or fully assembled.

Power Servos from separate power supplies

SMC-01v2K - $35.37
Single Manual Servo Motor Controller (kit)
SMC-01v2A - $56.31
Single Manual Servo Motor Controller (assembled)
SMC01-Cover - $9.08
Servo Motor Controller Cover

Choose Assembled or Kit: