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Geiger Counter Experiment #6

Coincidence Circuit

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Our coincidence circuit has two pulse inputs and one pulse output. When two pulses are presented on the inputs at the same time, an output pulse is generated. Coincidence circuits are used in nuclear physics experiments. Two examples of applications for a coincidence circuit is a gamma ray telescope and a quantum entanglement experiment.

Build your own quantum entanglement experiment - Page 1
Build your own quantum entanglement experiment - Page 2

The concept of the "method of coincidence" was developed by German physicist Walther Bothe in 1929, for which he received the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics. Bruno Rossi invented the first electronic coincidence circuit in 1930.

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Coincidence Device

For anyone wishing to build their own coincidence circuit, the schematics and a picture of a prototype are shown below.

coincidence circuit schematic
coincidence circuit prototype