Plasma Arc Speaker Kit

Featured in Make Magazine Vol.44 April/May 2015

Plasma Arc Speaker with case Plasma Arc Speaker

What is a Plasma Arc Speaker?

Plasma is a hot ionized gas that is electrically conductive. The plasma arc speaker creates a plasma arc using a high voltage electrical discharge.

When an audio signal is passed through the plasma it causes it to vibrate in sync with the audio signal. The Plasma in turn vibrates the air around it to create sound.

The Plasma Arc Speaker has a 3.5mm audio input jack for use with MP3 players, computers, phones, etc. and uses a 12VDC power supply, included.

plasma arc speaker kit without a case

Plasma Arc Speaker Kits

Select Configuration with or without case:

Plasma Arc Speaker Components available separately

Plasma arc speaker case

PAS-Case - $19.95
Plasma Arc Speaker Case

High Voltage Flyback Transformer

HVT-01B - $29.95
High Voltage FlybackTransformer

plasma tube

PAS-Tube - $14.95
Plasma Arc Speaker Tube

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