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Negative Ion Generators

Negative Ion Generator


High voltage negative ion generator generates ion wind without a fan or moving parts. Wind is generated by force of ion repulsion. Similar in principle to the ion propulsion systems used by NASA in modern spacecraft. Generate negative ions for health and airborne pollution removal in small areas. Kit includes 7.5kV DC negative power supply at 400 uA, 7 ion wind tubes and mounting hardware for the ion wind generator.

Item #IG8 $94.95 (Kit Requires Assembly)

12VDC-500mA $13.95 PN# ACA-12VDC-M-WP

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Negative Ion Power Supply

High voltage Power Supply Flyback Transformer


  • Sine wave switching power
  • Meet EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) regulations
  • Short-circuit, no-load protection
  • Adjustable and constant output voltage
  • Utilize SMD, compact design, small size, high reliability
  • Epoxy encapsulated, with highest safety and stability


  • Generate ionic-wind and a small amount of ozone
  • Utilize negative ion to reduce particulates in the air
  • Utilize ozone to clean and purify air
  • Used in vehicleor indoor to sterilize and eliminate smoke and dust mites
  • Small type electrostatic precipitator used in vehicle

HVPS-06 - $48.95
Ion Generator

12VDC-500mA - $9.95

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Negative Ion Generator

Compact negative Ion Generator cleans air impurities and provides a fountain of fresh air. These negative ions are the same type that are produced in a thunderstorm. This unit is set to 7.5kv and can operate directly from standard 120VAC. Very simple to use - just connect any AC line cord to the black and white power leads and a tremendous quantity of negative ion will be emitted by the 4 needle emitter assembly shown. Fully encapsulated module is about 2" x 1 5/8" x 7/8".

IG-01 $29.95

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