Data Logger

Data Logger captures 8 hours of data.
Captures TTL pulse data from Geiger Counters.
Captures serial data from GCA-07 and GCA-06 series of digital Geiger Counters.
Playback to Geiger Graphing Software
Analog Meter Geiger Counters

Once your data is recorded, connect the Data Logger to the Images Geiger graphing software and save the recorded test data as a text file. The instructions to import the text data into an Excel spreadsheet are provided in the Data Logger instructions. Once the data is inputted into Excel it can be manipulated and graphed.

In native mode:

Data Logger requires a 3.5mm Stereo cable to connect Data Logger to Digital Geiger Counter (Not Included).

Data Logger requires a TTL/USB cable to connect Data Logger to PC Computer for use with Radiation Graphing Software (Not Included).

To record digital pulses to Data Logger from compatible Geiger counters may require a 3.5mm mono to 3.5mm stereo cable (or adapter) depending upon the Geiger Counter (Not Included).

Free Lite Geiger Graphing Software

Data Logger - $79.95

Additional Options

TTL USB Cable Add $24.95

Stereo Cable Add $7.95

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