Video Craft

Powerful Morphing & Effects Editors

VideoCraft is advanced morphing software for Windows 95/98/XP. Includes many pre-production and post-production features that make this software suitable for professional broadcast quality video. In addition to doing standard morphing it has the added ability to morph two .AVI movie files, includes filters for special effects, masking, blue screen, chroma key and luminance key.

For easy access, any effect in Videocraft can be found in one of seven editors. For maximum flexibility, three effects can be applied simultaneously to any clip, in any order. Whole movies are created by chaining multiple clips together with the Storyboard.

Instant Overlays
Fabricates superimpositions of image and video objects with the Overlay Editor. Film an object against a blue backdrop, then place it against any background. Use alpha channels to create dynamic areas of variable transparencies. Type text directly onto video in any font. Even use the texture of an object to create imprints.

Fabulous Distortions
Awesome blends, twirls and other mind bending effects are simple with VideoCraft's Distortion Editor. Just choose the desired effect from those on the list to create intense video productions.

Advanced Morphing Options
You've seen morphing in the movies and on TV; one object seamlessly changing into something else. VideoCraft provides all the tools needed to create spectacular video metamorphoses. Image to image morphing is east with our point system. Plus, VideoCraft employs a revolutionary system of automatic point placement in video clips. "Smart Points" streamline the motion morphing process by calculating where the points should fall.

Professional Quality Output
VideoCraft is compatible with all PC video production systems. Although no special hardware is needed to make digital video with VideoCraft, a scanner and/or a video capture card is required to import original source material.


Sample Movies and Screenshots

Click for larger image Click for movie (AVI, 920K)
Click for larger image Click for movie (AVI, 221K)
Click for larger image Click for movie (AVI, 263K)
Click for larger image Click for movie (AVI, 578K)

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Video Craft 3.0

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