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High Efficiency Motor

Not all electrical motors are High Efficiency (HE). For instance, the small electrical motors sold at your local Radio Shack are of the low efficiency type. There is a simple way to determine if a motor is a HE type. Spin the rotor of the motor. If it spins smoothly, and continues to spin momentarily when its released its probably an HE type. If when you spin the rotor it feels clunky or there is resistance it is probably a low efficiency type.

One component you may want to change is the main capacitor. You can use one of the super caps available to store more electrical power. Be aware that when using these capacitors it will take that much longer to cycle.


The circuit may be used in many novel and innovative ways. It may be used as an on board power plant for a solar racer, to supply power to a HE motor for robotic locomotion, audio graffiti, flashing LEDs or as the demo circuit here describes, spinning an American Flag.

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