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DIY Steampunk Geiger Counter - Page 12

DIY Build a Steampunk Geiger Counter

A hole is drilled into the case for the panel mounted socket, see figure 26.

Mounted Panel SOcket Steampunk Geiger Counter

The inside of the panel mounted socket is important. Notice on the outside view I used one metal machine screw and nut to attach socket to case. On the inside photograph, see fig 27, you can see I connected a ground wire from the circuit ground to the socket. This grounds the shield wire and improves performance.

A few more holes are drilled into the case. One for an LED, another for the neon bulb and the last one for a speaker. Space is tight in this case so these holes were drilled. One more hole is drilled into the side for the on-off switch.

Ground Wire Steampunk Geiger Counter

Placing the tube into the assembly completes the wand, see figure 25. The copper pieces can be secured with a little glue or epoxy. I used a small amount of silicon to hold the components. The silicon holds everything together just enough. If needed I can disassemble the wand for upgrades or repair.

Installed Steampunk Geiger Counter

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