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Using GSR BioFeedback Device


To use this device in a bio-feedback mode for relaxation and tension reduction, set the balance pot to light the graph in the upper portion. As you relax or reduce tension the body’s resistance increases, which will be seen as a gradual downward sloping of the graph. When you reach the bottom you can re-a just the balance pot to bring it back up and then try to bring it down again.

Lie Detector

To use this device as a lie detector set the graph on the lower portion of the graph. Any stress will cause the graph to rise. There is a delay between question and response of about 1.5 seconds. Remember, this device is for entertainment purposes only. Even full-fledged lie detectors are fallible, and it could be the nature of the question regardless of the answer that would cause a stress reaction.

Parts List
  Item Source
IC1 CMOS OP-Amp Images Company
R1 68Kohm Radio Shack
R2 100Kohm Potentiometer Radio Shack
R3 2.2 Meg Radio Shack
R4, R5 2.2Kohm Radio Shack
C1 .047uf Radio Shack
SW1 DPDT Radio Shack
Misc. 1.5V Battery and Holder, 2 Dimes for use as electrodes, Case with PC Board

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