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Stand-Alone Random Number Generator

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The RNG-01 Random Number Generator is a lab quality instrument. It uses the immutable randomness of radioactivity decay to generate random numbers. Quantum mechanics states that the nuclear decay of atoms, are fundamentally random and cannot be predicted. Our device has a mini-Geiger counter that detects background radiation. The detection of a radioactive particle being a random event use to initiate the generation of a random number. The output of the built-in Geiger counter is monitored by a PIC microcontroller. The PIC microcontroller is rotating numbers inside a register at approximately 1,000,000 numbers a second. When a radioactive particle (Random Event) is detected the microcontroller stops the rotation of numbers, reads the current number in the register and produces a random number. 

The Random Number Generator (RNG-01) will produce approximately one to three random numbers every minute from background radiation. These true random numbers are useful for data encryption (cryptography), statistical mechanics, probability, gaming, neural networks and disorder systems, PSI and ESP testing, micro PK experiments, etc. 

The RNG-01 allows selection of random number ranges: 1-2, 1-4, 1-8, 1-16, 1-32, 1-64 and 1-128 . It displays random numbers generated on LCD and outputs the random number via a serial port. When range selection is 1-4, the LCD can also display the running tally of the four numbers generated to verify distribution of random numbers. The RNG-01 also has a four color LED output. 

The Random Number Generator is currently available as a kit. Kit contains: PC Board, LCD screen, pre programmed PIC microcontroller and all necessary components for construction.

Assembled Random Number Generator (in case)

RNG-01 - $119.38
Random Number Generator Kit (requires assembly & soldering)

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Random versus Pseudo-Random Number Generators

DMAD: Random Number Generator Functionality

DMAD Expansion Module for Geiger Counters*

The New Digital Meter Adapter is now a universal expansion module. It is a combination of the original Digital Meter Adapter, RS 232 interface adapter & Random Number Generator Adapter. The new DMAD has all three functionalities in one module to enhance the capabilities of Geiger Counters.

This adapter plugs into the digital out of the analog geiger counters and provides a random number each time a radioactive particle is detected. The geiger counter is set up to read background radiation. The random numbers generated are truly random since they are based naturally occurring radioactivity.
The random number generate may be set to the following ranges:

1-2 (Binary/Heads or Tails) 1-32
1-4 1-64
1-8 1-128
Random Number Generator Screen
RNG can be used with Digital Geiger Counters as well
The Random Number Generator Function can be used when using a Digital geiger Counter as well.

Typically, depending upon location, the generator will generate 20-40 random numbers per minute. TTL Serial Output Random numbers are sent out via a TTL serial port that may be interfaced to a micro controller or PC.

LCD Display 16 character by 2 line LCD (liquid crystal display) with back light provides easy to read output.

May be Purchased as a kit or assembled and tested.

acrylic dmad stand

DMAD-03 - $59.95
Digital Meter Adapter Kit (Kit Requires Assembly)

DMAD-03A - $89.95
Digital Meter Adapter (Assembled and Tested)

*Requires Analog Geiger Counter GCK-01, GCK-02 or GCA-03 series

RS232-Cable - $15.95
Optional RS232 Cable (if needed)

USB-3.5mm - 24.95

Acrylic Stand - $10.95

Choose Kit or Assembled:

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