GCA-07W Professional Digital Geiger Counter

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gca-07w digital geiger counter

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DETECTOR SENSITIVITY: Detects Alpha, Beta, X-Ray and Gamma Radiation. Alpha particles above 3 MeV in energy. Beta radiation above 50 KeV; X-Ray and Gamma radiation above 7 KeV.

COUNTING RANGE: 1 Count Per Minute (CPM) To 10,000 Counts Per Second (CPS).

RADIATION RANGE: 0.001 mR/hr resolution to 1000 mR/hr Range (Imperial Measurements); 0.01 uSv/hr resolution - 10 mSv/hr range (Metric Measurements).

NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATION: Factory calibration using an NIST traceable radiation source to insure accurate radiation measurements.

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APPLICATIONS: Personal radiation detection: Survey meter: Education and nuclear experiments: Emergency Services: Domestic preparedness: Post-accident response. Compliance Verification and Radiation Screening for wastes and other materials.

EXTERNAL PROBE: The external wand makes it easier to search materials and to detect surface contamination.

DISPLAY: The 16 x 2 Character Liquid Crystal Display provides an easy to read digital output. Switch selection allows GCA-07W Geiger Counter to measure and convert radiation (counts per second) into in mR/hr or mSv/hr. Time selection switch allows Counts Per Second (CPS) or Counts Per Minute (CPM) mode. Factory calibrated using an NIST traceable source to insure measurements. NRC certifications are available at additional costs through the manufacturer.

DATA OUTPUT PORT: The 3.5MM stereo socket outputs either Serial Data (default) or a TTL logic pulse for each radioactive particle detected. Jumper switch selection. The serial output is the counts per second sent via USB cable (not included) to our Windows PC Geiger Counter Graphing program (not included) for charting and recording the measured radiation over time.

SECONDARY INDICATORS: Audio (clicks) and visual (LED) included. Also includes a headphone jack and a power jack for external power.

POWER: For mobile operation a 9V battery (not included) may be used. A 110-220 VAC wall transformer power supply is included.

BENEFITS: When you become a client of Images SI Inc., you will receive lifetime access to our online information and nuclear experiments. We add new experiments every year. In addition we email discounts, specials and first access to products through our newsletter.

An NRC certification certifies your Geiger counter has passed 10-CFR-34 and 10-CFR-35 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) calibration standards.


Manufacturers want to compete on price, not on our NRC certified accuracy.
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