The GCA-07 Digital Geiger Counter

Accuracy you can trust

Used in Industry, Medical, and Education. NRC certifiable accuracy - because accuracy matters!

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Why NRC Certification is important!

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GCA-07W Digital Geiger Counter

         1) Detects environmental radioactivity.
         2) Measures background radiation and anything above background radiation.
         3) Government NRC certified* accurate Digital Geiger counters
         4) Free Technical Support.

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US Gov't increased the amount of allowable radioactive contamination, read more.

Don't count on them to tell you, count on the GCA-07 and tell them.

GCA-07 Digital Geiger Counter

GCA-07 Digital Geiger Counter

Detects Alpha, Beta, X-rays and Gamma radiation

Compare GCA-07W and GCA-07

Two Configurations

GCA-07W and GCA-07 (Internal Tube)

Geiger Counter Software
Free Windows 7 Geiger counting software included.

Track and graph your Geiger counter's readings, save data, viewer program, Excel compatible.

High Contrast LCD

High Contrast LCD

Provides CPS/CPM data and its equivalent radiation level

External wand of the GCA-07W

External wand of the GCA-07W

.85" diameter and 5.75" long
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Basic Port
Basic Port

External Power, Head Phone, USB Serial/TTL.

USB to 3.5mm
USB to 3.5mm Cable

The USB TTL Serial cable provide connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces at 5V.
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NRC Certification Available
NRC Certification Available

We don't just say our Geiger counters are accurate we can certify it.
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Radiation Detected
Alpha, Beta, X-Rays and Gamma.

Digital Geiger Counter Technical Data,

Detector Features:

  • NRC Certification

    With NRC certification you have a independent US gov't license laboratory testing and certifying your Geiger counter's accuracy. NRC certifications are available at additional cost.*
  • Radiation Warning Symbol

    Detects and Measures: Alpha, Beta, X-ray and Gamma Radiation

  • audio speaker output

    Audible Speaker Output

    Each radioactive particle detected produces an audible click.
    Audio output may be turned on and off.
  • simple interface

    Simple User Interface

    Front panel switches provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for all Geiger counter functions.
  • Configurable Measurement Window

    Selectable Counts Per Second (CPS) or Counts Per Minute (CPM).
  • Geiger counter headphone jack

    Headphone Jack

    For private listening also useful when prospecting.
  • Geiger Counter easy to read LCD display

    High Contrast LCD Screen

    Easy to read Count measurements and Equivalent radiation level. Backlight available for low light conditions.

  • Low Battery Indicator

    Low Battery Indicator

    External Power Supply Jack
    for AC adapter.

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    Free Software and Tutorials

    Free Radiation detection and monitoring software. Online interactive tutorials see more...
  • Best Value Geiger Counter

    Value Product

    Certifiable accurate radiation detection and measurement instrument.
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Free online software updates and support pages available.

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Images SI Inc., is a U.S. based company that manufactures and assembles in the United States.
* NRC Certification is available from an independent U.S. Government licensed laboratory at an additional cost.

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If our Geiger counter doesn't meet your needs, let us know within 30 days and we will issue a UPS Merchandise Return Label, (domestic USA only) for a no hassle refund.
      Returns must be in new and unused condition.

GCA-07 - $429.95 

Digital Geiger Counter

GCA-07W - $489.95 

Digital Geiger Counter with Wand

Additional Options:
NRC Certification - $125.00

AC Adapter - $12.95