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NRC certification available
15% Educational Discount
Analog Meter Geiger Counters

When accuracy counts.

Used in Industry, Medical, and Education. NRC certifiable accuracy - because accuracy matters!

Images SI Inc's Analog Meter Geiger Counters are useful for detecting and measuring radioactivity and performing nuclear experiments.

This geiger counter has a Analog-Digital Meter. In addition to a digital output that provides a TTL logic pulse each time a radioactive particle is detected. Used to connected to various digital adapters and network software.


  • Education - Classroom demonstrations and experiments
  • Emergency Services and Domestic Preparedness
  • HAZMAT and Compliance Verification
  • Dirty Bomb Screening and EMT's


  • Outputs Digital Counts Per Second (CPS) value
  • Outputs radiation level (imperial / metric)
  • Analog radiation field strength meter
  • LCD Backlight

The Analog Digital meter alternates the first line of its display between Counts Per Second (CPS) and then approximate radiation level in either imperial measurements (mR/hr) or metric measurements (mSv/hr). The top line of the display alternates its display every second. The 2nd LCD line is a analog radiation field strength meter that provides a quick visual indication of the current CPS reading.

To fit nicely on the 8 character display line the imperial measurement of mR/hr is abbreviated to mR. Likewise the meteric measurement of mSv/hr is abbreviated to mS.

The second line of the 8x2 LCD is a dedicated analog power meter to read a reasonable approximation of CPS from 1 CPS to 2040 CPS.

These geiger counters also have secondary indicators; an audio click and LED blink each time a radioactive particle is detected. Model GCA-03 has an internal Geiger-Mulluer (GM) tube. Model GCA-03W has an external tube encased inside the wand.

The GM tube is Ne + Halogen filled with a .38” effective diameter mg/cm2 mica end window.

Detects the following radiation:

  • Alpha above 3.0 MeV
  • Beta above 50 KeV
  • Gamma above 7 Ke

Radiation Penetration Calculator

The GCA-03 and GCA-03W Geiger Counters have the following features:

Headphone Jack:For private listening

Digital Output -- Provides a TTL logic pulse each time a radioactive particle is detected. Used to connected to various digital adapters such as; Digital Meters, Random Number Generators, USB and coincidence circuits, Graphic software and network software.

Schools and educational Institutions get a 15% discount, call 1-800-230-4535 for promo code.

Case Size 5.6" x 3.2" x 1.5" .PDF Drawing (50K)

Optional Belt Clip

belt_clip. belt_clip_analog_meter

Try Before You Buy - Rentals

GCA-03 Analog Meter Geiger Counter

Select Configuration:

Additional Options

Belt Clip Add $10.00
NRC Certification Add $125.00

Radiation Shields for Wands


These radiation shields friction fit on the open end of the Geiger Counter wand. Each shield helps to block radiation from reaching the internal GM tube inside the wand.

The shields are useful in performing nuclear tests and experiments.

The Screen shield is an open mesh nylon screen that allows all radiation including alpha to pass through. The paper shield blocks alpha radiation, while permitting beta and gamma radiation. The aluminum shield attenuates beta radiation and the lead shield attenuates gamma radiation.Shields may be purchased separately or in a set.

SHD-01 - $9.95
Open Screen Radiation Shield

SHD-02 - $9.95
Paper Radiation Shield

SHD-03 - $9.95
Aluminum Radiation Shield

SHD-04 - $9.95
Lead Radiation Shield

SHD-05 - $36.95
Radiation Shield Set (Screen, Paper, Al, Pb)